Just call me the Running Man


As the title suggests I am now well into my Couch to 5k regime.  Indeed it’s weird that I am at Week 5 already and have gone from being utterly awful at running (shin-splints, sprained ankles, etc) to running for 90 seconds non-stop and to now managing to run for 8 minutes non-stop! To give you a little perspective on how amazing this is when I was at school and apparently full of youthful energy and such like I actually had to get a lift from the PE teacher during a cross-country run….and despite getting dropped ahead of at least half the class I still came in last.  When they say ‘listen to your body’ I always did and as soon as it would say ‘for the love of God what are you doing?’ I would stop and start strolling.  PE was never really for me truth be told and I think both myself and my teachers were well aware of this fact.

So here I am over half way through the program and it’s all going swimmingly. No injuries, no lasting effects from the exertion and more than a hint of toning as well. I do not have any long-term goals as such but I may end up doing an actual organise 5k run at some point rather than just running for fun around the local streets. Either way it’s helping me get fit and prepare myself for ………

WDW!!! apologies to Margaret and Craig as I know my blithering on about my forthcoming holiday is making them hate me but I am pleased to say my holiday mojo has returned.  Thank God! as I was wondering if I was going to find myself on the eve of departure still not having enjoyed the build up as much as I usually do.  So last week I sat down and opened up DisneyFoodBlog, DisneyTouristBlog and DisneyPhotographyBlog and pored over them till I was throughly excited and raring to start pounding the streets of WDW taking pics and eating food as I went.

Also as part of my fine-tuning my thoughts turned to footwear.  One disastrous year I wore running shoes and damn near crippled myself. Between blisters on my blisters and seized up calves I realised I simply could not make that kind of mistake again so went with Active Footwear in 2010 and had no problems at all.  I did find having only one pair of footwear with me a bit tricky at times though so decided I should take an option with me this summer. Well, let me tell you Crocs are a heck of a polarising subject!

Within seconds of posting on Facebook I was getting comments ranging from ‘No’ to ‘Hell No’ to ‘You should be shot!’. Well maybe not the latter but the gist of it was at no stage should I dare don a pair of the Devil’s Footwear. Well I am nothing if not a contrarian so I very much will be buying a pair.  After all if you saw a 6’4 guy wearing a Star Wars t-shirt, a green Hip Pack, Monorail Baseball Cap and munching on a Mickey Bar would it really be my footwear that made you think I was somewhat challenged in the fashion department?

So you can expect a lot more WDW  updates over the coming weeks. I can thrill you with tales of what Lego kits I will be buying, how many Funnel Cakes one man can consume, why I am always right and know the fastest route to any ride and if you are lucky I will let you in on my Top 3 Princesses!

In other exciting news last Friday saw me taking the kids off to see The Pirates! An Adventure with Scientists although in the US it’s known as The Pirates! Band of Misfits….odd re-title but there you go. Perhaps the same folk who objected to the Leper joke objected to the word Scientists too.

Anyway it was hilarious and I had a great time even though it was in 3D for no discernible reason. Honestly, the sooner directors tire of 3D the better.  The only time I have ever enjoyed a 3D experience is Mickey’s Philarmagic and it saddens me to realise that 3D is allowing Lucas to once more pillage the now bloated corpse that is Star Wars.  Indeed the children said the highlight of last Friday night was not The Pirates but my impassioned rant against 3D and George Lucas on the journey back home in which I railed against Han shooting first, the Ewoks clagging up ROTJ and that bloody Binks creation. Social Services ought to take Star Wars into care because what Lucas is doing to it now is bloody abuse. I await the stop-motion version to be announced any day! Although that said I am looking forward to riding the new Star Wars ride at Disney Hollywood Studios (hopefully I will get to shoot some Ewoks on Endor)

And on that note I shall leave you


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